BSP Updates

  • Big Screen Pro joins learning/networking group for entrepreneurs based along the Wasatch Front

    While networking, Big Screen Pro has made a connection with GRAND TRUNK®, another Utah-based outdoor products brand -- which resulted in us starting to offer their Meadow Mat - Waterproof Outdoor Blanket.
  • How to store Open Air Cinema inflatable movie screen

    Whenever possible, always use a long-term method of storing your outdoor movie screen, as this is a sure way to guarantee this product stays in good condition and serves well for years to come.
  • Complete Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system: which components does it have?

    A complete Open Air Cinema theater system comes with all the necessary cables and wires that you might need for an outdoor movie event. The speaker set comes with a pair of XLR cables and a power cable for each speaker.
  • Best Projector calculator recommended for outdoor screenings

    One of the ways to calculate projection is to find out the projector's throw ratio. Now it is easier to simply use an online projection calculator with a database of specific projector models.
  • Big Screen Pro gets closer to customers in Germany

    This learning opportunity will help our team of dedicated outdoor movie event professionals to better research our niche in the European Union and evaluate market expansion and business development opportunities in Germany, both in the consumer and business-to-business segments of the outdoor movie market.
  • 2 Reasons to use sound-dampening blower box besides noise reduction

    Several benefits of using a sound dampening blower box that was created by Open Air Cinema in response to air blower noise issues. Outdoor movie event experts share their observations.
  • Outdoor Projector Screens Black Friday Ending Soon: Open Air Cinema offers Best Prices of the Year until December 2

    Shop for Open Air Cinema discounted products in our dedicated Black Friday Collection. SALE ends December 2.
  • What maintenance does my Optoma EH412x need?

    After a lot of years of hard use your Optoma EH412x may require some maintenance. This outdoor projector can withstand a lot of extreme conditions -- that are not recommended by the manufacturer itself.
  • How much noise does a sound dampening blower box reduce?

    When the movie night show takes place outdoors and the portable audio system is on, your audience won't notice the air blower noise. The noise becomes more of an issue if the show is taking place indoors.
  • Нow many lumens is good for outdoor projector?

    Sometimes an overly bright picture can cause discomfort to the viewer -- specially during the bright movie scenes. So you always want to consult with experts when choosing a projector. Our Big Screen Pro expert team are ready to help you 24/7
  • How to adjust projector image on Optoma EH412x

    Great price for a 4,500 lumens outdoor movie projector by Optoma. The features that are present in the older kin to Optoma EH412x are the four-corner image correction and motorized zoom for the motorized lens shift.
  • How to choose speakers for your outdoor movie system

    No doubt, it takes more than one post to talk about acoustics for outdoor projection and the sound system features are so extensive that we will h...