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Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals in Utah

Big Screen Pro team offers an outdoor movie equipment rental service in Utah.

We would be happy to take care of the technical side of your open air cinema event, from A to Z.

Big Screen Pro team in Utah offers complete outdoor theater packages with inflatable screen sizes from 12' x 7' to 20' x 11' (audiences from 2 to 500 people).

What is unique about our outdoor movie equipment rental service?

  • We rent out US-made, professional-grade equipment while providing a multi-year, customer-tailored outdoor screening experience.
  • When working with us, our technician remains on hand during the whole duration of your event.
This includes equipment delivery, setup and takedown. Our Utah-based technician will be nearby to offer any technical guidance you might need during the actual outdoor screening event.

$3 per mile is our mileage-based transportation fee from our hub in American Fork, Utah.
Please see our frequently asked questions for more details.

Contact us for outdoor movie screens and projectors rentals in Utah

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