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Frequently Asked Questions (Rental Services)

Where can I rent an Outdoor Movie System from Big Screen Pro?

Big Screen Pro offers outdoor movie equipment rental in Utah and Florida. In Florida we service Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

How much is your equipment to rent?

A five-hour rental period of Open Air Cinema 12' x 7' Pro Outdoor Movie Theater System will cost you $600 plus $3/mile delivery fee to your venue from our location in American Fork, Utah. The longer screening events, will add an additional $50 per hour to your rate.

In Florida the available outdoor movie equipment rental prices start from $800 per event.

Discounts for charitable screenings are available.

This rental service from Big Screen Pro includes installation, on-site technical support for the whole duration of the event and take down of the  equipment.

When can I start watching my movie outdoors?

The best time to start your outdoor screening is 20 minutes after the sunset. See Is it possible to use a projector outside during the day? for details.

What's the rental service duration? Can I watch two movies in a row?

The standard rental time is four hours counted from the moment the outdoor screening equipment is installed and ready for you and your audience to watch the content of your choice. If you would like to extend your open air cinema event -- we charge $50 for each additional hour of the rental.

How quickly can you install the delivered outdoor movie equipment?

Depending on the venue, we'll require at least 30 minutes to prepare the outdoor movie theater equipment for the screening launch. Please note we prefer to get on-site well in advance. 

What type of content can I watch on an outdoor movie screen?

It is mostly anything that you can watch on your laptop, TV Box, smartphone or Blu-ray player. Upon request, we can even wire your old VHS player to the system ;)

Do I need to obtain an outdoor movie screening licence?

For the backyard parties with your friends, neighbours and family you don't need any special license. Any movie, TV show streaming or a live sports event broadcast would be considered a personal screening in such cases.

If you sell tickets for the public to enter your outdoor movie event you can obtain the license from this company. It is generally for bigger blockbuster films.

Or this company. Mostly for movie classics and foreign films.