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The lightest inflatable screens in the world - Halluciné from France

Inflatable screens bring the magic of a cinema outdoors. Every time an inflatable screen pops up - it becomes a magnet for everybody’s attention! Outdoor movie screen sizes vary from 12’ to 40’ in width not counting the inflatable frame and the largest models require 5 people to move around. Inflatable screens, especially airtight variants may get extremely heavy and bulky, losing one of their most important advantages - portability.

Hallucine Inflatable Screen on a Stadium
Guys from France took the weight problem seriously and came up with an elegant design that allowed them to produce the lightest airtight screens in the world! Meet Halluciné - a family business founded in 1995 by Daniel Chesneau and now run by himself and his sons.

Daniel Chesneau - Founder of Halluciné
Daniel’s passion for the cinema industry started with a 35mm film projector sales and rental company. As more and more clients reached out to Daniel he decided that he needed a solution that would not limit his audience to a single and confined venue. A projection screen that could travel anywhere and emerge in a matter of minutes. This is how Halluciné inflatable screens were born.

“Over the last 30 years, I have traveled to over 30 countries to sell my screens. Africa, the Americas, Pacific, Europe, you name it. I also brought my kids with me from one village to another. During that time, we shared beautiful moments together like a family” - says Daniel Chesneau.

Today Halluciné sold more than 500 inflatable screens worldwide and produced 1000+ outdoor movie events in 100+ different locations. The company offers sealed, airtight inflatable screens that are recognized as the most lightweight in the industry as well as breathing non-sealed models.

Hallucine airtight inflatable screens lineup
A 17’ wide airtight inflatable screen by Halluciné is good for up to 300 audience members and weighs only 44 lbs. The largest airtight model is 28’ wide, 110 lbs and can be operated by just two persons.

Hallucine 15 meter inflatable screen (49 ft)
To achieve the ultralight weight of their outdoor projector screens Halluciné came up with a double-layered composite design that includes airtight inner structure and exterior fabric shell. According to Halluciné their screens are ready for the outside conditions and backed by a 3-year warranty.

Recently Halluciné translated their website to English and are planning to start selling their feather-light screens in the US. In the meantime we at Big Screen Pro look forward to getting our hands on these screens for a review!

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