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How to prepare your outdoor movie equipment for the upcoming season

The spring is around the corner. And the temperatures across the US are getting higher, inviting you to spend time outdoors, watching movies under the stars.  There are some parts of the United States where the outdoor movie season never ended. But for the rest of us who live in the latitudes with four distinctive seasons the call of the day is to prepare your gear for the summer screenings.

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Don't procrastinate

We at Big Screen Pro had several situations in the past when a customer would ask for our outdoor movie rental services, let's say in April, and they would need it "tomorrow". And that was when we realized that we should have prepared the equipment several weeks before this situation happened.

Or imagine that Netflix released the next season of your favourite show and the weather is good enough to watch it in your backyard — while you are not sure where you stored the screen anchoring stakes when you wrapped the season last year.

Make checklists

An outdoor movie system consists of numerous components. An absence of a single small element — think an HDMI cable will make your show impossible. So don't downplay the role of component checklists. Pro tip: backup spare components that you know you'll need at your commercial screenings must be part of the component checklist.

80% of outdoor movie system components can be checked on indoors. A projection control console, power cords, audio cables and a projector can all be turned on for a quick technical check, indoors.

Check the weather to know when the season has arrived

Come March, make sure to regularly check the weather to establish when the warm season is here.  From our experience, it becomes comfortable to watch movies outside when the evening mercury rises to 60°F.

Finding all your outdoor movie system components in advance, making checklists and planning your outdoor movie season will guarantee a smooth and stress-free transition from winter to the full-scale summer screening season.

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