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Can you replace a projection surface in Open Air Cinema Elite screen?

Open Air Cinema Elite screens are extremely durable and have a long lifespan. In fact one of the oldest Open Air Cinema Elite screens that we are aware of is in Africa and is 14 years old.

Open Air Cinema Elite Screen. 10 years old. Africa

Despite such longevity, some unforeseen situations can occur.

Here is a number of the most common of them: your Open Air Cinema Elite screen could get damaged by sharp objects, collect mold if stored wet for a long time; or the projection surface could be damaged with aggressive substances.

Normally, any damage of the screen's inflatable frame can and should be repaired. Whereas the projection surface has to remain flawless and in perfect shape to ensure the best viewing experience.

Luckily the Elite projection surface replacement process is fairly easy, with some nuances.

Here they are. If you have made that decision to replace the Elite projection surface following these steps:

1. Get in touch with the Big Screen Pro team on and mention in your email which type of Elite projection surface you want. There are three types: optimized for front projection, rear projection-only and universal (front+rear projection surface). There are also sub-zero solutions available for outdoor movie screening under extreme freezing conditions.

2. A Big Screen Pro sales rep will get back to you with a quote that will include shipping costs.

3. We will ask you to inflate your Elite screen and take measurements of the projection surface, grommets count and grommets spacing. The reason is that Open Air Cinema Elite screens have had numerous design modification over the years. Precise measurements from you will ensure the best results when it comes to us fitting your new surface to your Elite screen frame.

What's an average lead and production time for your new Elite projection surface? The projection surfaces for Open Air Cinema Elite screens are custom-made in Canada, on request. And it normally takes 10-14 days to ship once we get the measurements from you.

The new Elite projection surface comes with a sufficient number of bungee cords to attach the surface to the frame.
Bungee cords are used to attach projection surface to a frame
Getting a new Elite projection surface will make your outdoor movie screen look like new. For a fraction of the cost of a new Elite screen. Get ready for the upcoming outdoor movie season and make your order in advance.

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