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Inflatable screen repair. Effective fixes to keep the show going

Investing in a quality inflatable screen ensures smooth and pleasurable usage experience, image quality and long life span. Well-made airblown pop-up screen is robust and weather-proof, but the best thing is that it can be repaired in case of almost any damage caused to an inflatable frame or a projection surface.

Things that may happen to your inflatable screen

There are a lot of places and venues that you can bring your outdoor movie screen to. A lot of these places may be challenging for the fabrics and design specifics of an inflatable screen. Abrasive surfaces, sharp objects, high winds, freezing temperature, precipitations and prolonged UV-light exposure are all among the risk factors.

Inflatable screen soaked out after the heavy rain

One of the most frequent damages that our clients report are inflatable frame tears and cuts, commonly happening to the bottom part of a screen. It turns out that sharp objects are hardly noticeable in the grass, especially when you fold down an inflatable screen at night after the show.

Tear in an inflatable frame

The next common issue has to deal with stains and dirt on a projection surface. The white portion of your blow-up screen may accidentally touch the ground or someone could spill a drink on it. Another potential problem is squeezed insects. They are attracted by a projector light and might end up squashed in vain when the screen is being rolled for storage after the event.

Many inflatable screen models have removable and washable projection surfaces. But it is worth remembering that the projection fabric is delicate and improper cleaning with a detergent can damage it before the stains go off.

Storing an inflatable screen wet is the common reason for collecting mold on an inflatable frame and/or a projection surface.

This is the most difficult consequence to deal with during repair. A projection surface covered with spots of mildew can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced.

Screen hardware and accessories such as zippered vents, tether attachment points, handles and D-rings can also wear out or break and require replacement.

How to fix an inflatable movie screen?

Nylon and vinyl are the most common materials that inflatable screens are made of. Minor damages of a vinyl airblown screen are fairly easy to fix in a DIY manner. Many inflatable screens manufacturers include a repair kit and vinyl patches for both the frame and projection surface. Alternatively vinyl repair kits commonly used in rubber boat repairs are available for purchase online as well.

Inflatable Screen Repair Tools
Common sewing tools used for inflatable screen repairs

It is recommended to apply repairs on both the inflatable frame and the projection surface on an inside.

Damage on screens made of synthetic fabrics typically require professional stitching or patching due to an elastic properties of the material and can’t be glued. Also a white portion of a fabric projection screen shouldn’t be patched or stitched as it will be very noticeable during the movie screening.

Generally, the best results when fixing a projection surface issue are achieved with replacing it completely. The first step in this process is to consult with the manufacturer of your inflatable screen or contact a professional sewing service.

While it is tempting to just zip off your old projection surface and zip on the new one, it might not always be a good idea. Because your new projection surface might not fit the inflatable frame ideally and turn out to be saggy or overtighten. There are two reasons for this: an inflatable screen may change shape with time and frequent use in harsh weather conditions and the manufacturing tolerance margins may be high assuming overall size and that many of the quality screen models are made by hand.

Good quality outdoor inflatable screens are made to last for years of regular use under the demanding outdoor conditions. Commercial inflatable movie screens are designed for everyday use during the season and can stand the beating. However none of them is safe from minor troubles, wear-and-tear as well as small accidents that can be fixed and repaired relatively easily. Taking proper care and performing minor repairs can extend the lifespan of your inflatable movie screen for many enjoyable movie nights.

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