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2 Reasons to Use Tarps with Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screens

A tarp is usually an undervalued item in the outdoor movie setups. But we suggest you take a closer look at the implications of this simple -- yet, certainly, useful -- item.

Some of the most experienced outdoor movie producers say, "Always use a tarp and you'll never have to clean your inflatable screen again."

Two main cases where using tarps for projector screens is necessary

1- High risk of getting the screen dirty

We at Big Screen Pro use tarps at the venues where there is a high risk of getting an outdoor movie screen dirty. At the top of this venue 'hit parade' are sand beaches -- where sand gets into the tiniest spaces, staying there for years.

A 40' Inflatable Screen on a tarp

2- Sharp objects

Another potentially unwanted properties of any venue are all sorts of sharp objects scattered around on the ground. Thus, our second designated location for use of tarps are woody areas with occasional brushwood that might scratch the bottom of your screen.

Each Open Air Cinema screen is now shipped with a tarp of a corresponding size. Even if you don't plan to put that tarp underneath your screen we would still recommend you take it with you to screening event.

Three other uses of outdoor movie screen tarps

We have discovered a lot of great applications of tarps besides the several mentioned above:

  1. it's convenient to put your AV components on the tarp while you are setting up your outdoor movie system at a venue.
  2. You can sit on a tarp during the screening for lack of alternatives.
  3. Finally, we once had a case where a projector and a projection control console were saved from a sudden heavy rain by covering up with a tarp.


If you have an inflatable screen and don't have an appropriate tarp for it, we highly recommend you get one. By using it frequently you will prolong the lifespan of your outdoor movie screen.


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