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Why Quality Matters For Your Inflatable Screen - 4 Reasons

Watching movies under the stars in your backyard or entertaining your audience at a big venue is an empowering activity — and the quality of your equipment can make it or break it.

Features of good inflatable screens

There are specific features to expect in a good inflatable screen that won't let you down. A good inflatable screen must have the following:

  • A proper, rectangular projection surface shape.
  • No wrinkles.
  • It normally would last you for hundreds if not thousands of outdoor movie nights.
  • A well-made inflatable screen won't be damaged by such harsh weather conditions as rain, snow, aggressive summer sun or wind.

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This is why good inflatable screens are made of high-quality fabric like nylon or vinyl.

A family gathering is wating to watch a movie on an Open Air Cinema inflatable screen

The main part of your outdoor movie screen (projection surface) can't really be just piece of white cloth. It needs to reflect light properly so your viewers are able to see the projected image from every angle at which they are seated at the venue.

Why should you invest in a high-quality inflatable screen? - 4 Reasons

1- Avoid frame discoloration and quick damage

Suspiciously affordable inflatable projection screens are typically made overseas. The production process used in making inflatable screens consumes large amounts of fabric. This is why cheap screen manufacturers source low-quality synthetics to make their inflatables. This results in the frame discoloration as well as frequent and quick damage to the cheap screen.

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Mickey mouse inflatable Screen with white cloth as a projection surface

2- High-quality inflatable screens are entirely made by hand

The endurance of an inflatable screen strongly depends on the quality of stitching. Note that quality outdoor movie screens — like the ones made by Open Air Cinema — are made almost entirely by hand, whereas the Asian mass-produced equivalents are patched together by machines.

After being sewn, every quality inflatable screen is thoroughly inspected, inflated and deflated individually by the manufacturer.

3- Low-quality fabric doesn't stretch and can easily get wrinkles

Besides light reflection properties of the projection surface, the fabric it's made of must contain elastane and stretch in four directions; but must not stretch too much, to avoid the loss of the rectangular shape. The projection surface in cheap inflatable screens is made of low-quality fabric that doesn't stretch and gets easily wrinkled.

4- Cheap screens can lose their shape

Last but not least, cheap fabric loses properties with time and may quickly lose its initial shape, turning wrinkled.

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