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Open Air Cinema Home 20' - Can It Substitute Professional Screens?

As the name suggests, the Open Air Cinema Pro lineup is made for professional use. But let's outline the features that Open Air Cinema Pro screens have. And what other useful solutions are there with the Open Air Cinema inflatable screens?

Open Air Cinema Pro vs. Open Air Cinema home - 4 main differences

1- The A-frame design of Open Air Cinema Pro screens

The main distinctive feature of Open Air Cinema Pro screens is the A-frame design or as one may say a rear inflatable leg.

Pro 20' x 11' Screen - Open Air Cinema - Freestanding Design

This design:

  • Allows for a one-man set-up;
  • Makes an inflatable frame thicker, which reduces the screen bezel;
  • Adds wind stability, yet increases the footprint.

2- The air blower sleeve position

An air blower sleeve in Pro screens is placed behind the screen. In Home lineup it is on the side of the screen. The former reduces the sound by several decibels for the audience seated in front of the screen.

3- Rear projection

The Pro screen design covers the entire projection surface, while projecting from behind the screen. So, if you plan to rear project frequently the Pro model is your best choice.

4- Price and warranty

Open Air Cinema Pro screens are pricier and have two-year warranty compared to one-year warranty in Home.

The Open Air Cinema 20' home screen - an affordable alternative to Pro lineup screens

The hidden gem for the professional application in the Open Air Cinema Home lineup is the 20' x 11' model.

It is the largest Open Air Cinema Home size. And it can entertain up to 500 people, according to the manufacturer. And it's actually 700 people from our event management experience.

Home 20' screen is 24 lbs lighter in weight compared to the Open Air Cinema Pro 20' screen and it's less expensive, by $2,600.

The Home 20' is more compact and can easily fit in a sedan trunk.

Which businesses can use the Open Air Cinema 20' home screen? In which cases?

The Open Air Cinema Home 20' screen can be a nice addition for an outdoor movie rental company when you look for portability or your venue has limited space.

For organizations such as parks and recs, educational institutions, hotels and resorts, the Home 20' screen is a more affordable alternative to the Open Air Cinema Pro screen if you don't plan to rear project -- or don't need an enhanced wind stability.


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