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Need to rent outdoor projection equipment in Europe, in a green way? Contact Big Screen Pro!

As late as early this year, some investors called Big Screen Pro a traditional company. We believe hardly any company can be traditional these days thanks to the amazing combination of new and emerging solutions in various realms of tech.

Outdoor movie equipment rentals across Europe 

In the best traditions of the budding field of quantum computing, here is a problem we intend to solve as we roll out our rental services in Spain, Germany and across the European continent — how do you satisfy outdoor projection equipment rental requests from customers in hundreds of Europe's major cities, without much delay? Preferably catering to all customers at the same time.

Recently a bunch of European railway operators came up with a study of how to connect Europe's all 230 metro regions (urban agglomerations of over 250,000 inhabitants) and large cities using the high-speed rail network

Delivering outdoor movie experience to you in Europe in a greener way

To our customers in Europe, it's good news because — as this high-speed rail network gets further rolled out in the coming years — we will be able to get to you even faster, with ever fewer carbon emissions.

Calculating the most efficient itinerary across Europe 

And as quantum computing and AI get further developed, we are set to figure out how to service hundreds of outdoor movie system rental orders at the same time without having to stock up our European inventory with as many as 230 of the complete outdoor movie systems.

If you are in Europe and are ready to order now — email us on!


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