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Inflatable Screens and Wind: Best Practices and Recommendations

Inflatable screens are typically large and -- when used outdoors -- the wind can become a nuisance.

Among the venues prone to wind issues are beaches, rooftops and urban areas near tall buildings. Some of the states in the US are windier than others.

Outdoor movie event producer recommendations to deal with wind

  • Choose Quality inflatable screens made by renowned manufacturers that are designed to work in high winds.
  • Check your venue in advance before the event and if possible, use the least windy place.
  • If wind gusts are forecast and you are tying your screen to anchors use as heavy anchors as possible.
  • Always secure your screen following the manufacturer-provided manual. Proper angles and distance to anchoring points will allow you to achieve the maximum wind resistance of your screen.

Open Air Cinema Pro Screen Stakes and Tethers Placement - Manual

What are Wind ratings of Open Air Cinema inflatable screens?

Open Air Cinema has three screen lineups: Home, Pro and Elite. Home screens are designed to withstand 20 mph gusts. Pro inflatable screens by Open Air Cinema are made to operate at 35 mph wind speeds. The audience usually leaves well before the wind gusts reach such speed. Thanks to their clever design, Open Air Cinema managed to achieve 35 mph wind ratings with the much larger Elite inflatables.

The minimum anchoring weight of the inflatable screen on each of the four corners should be at least 25 % of the overall weight. For example, if the screen weighs 100 lbs tie it down to the weight of 25 lbs on each corner. But as mentioned before, if wind gusts are forecast and you are tying your screen to anchors use as heavy anchors as possible.

High windage and how inflatable screen makers deal with it

The larger your outdoor movie screen is the greater windage it has. The quality inflatable screen manufacturers use heavier and tough material to resist the wind. The attachment points where tethers are connected to the inflatable frame are made of strong materials, such as steel rings. Tying points of tethers need to have robust stitches and strong materials to put them together.

Open Air Cinema has a special design approach to increasing wind resistance of their inflatables. A projection surface is attached to an inflatable frame with 3'' bungee cords, which creates space between the surface and the frame. This space lets wind pass through unimpeded.


Windy conditions can be a great challenge for outdoor movie event producers. The weather may change rapidly, becoming a disaster for your event. Be sure to follow the above recommendations and invest in a quality inflatable screen for your piece of mind.


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