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6 Items to Check Before Renting An Outdoor Movie System

As Big Screen Pro continues to entertain fans of movies under the stars in Pleasant Grove, South Jordan — and across Utah — our outdoor movie rental team came up with this checklist of six items to keep an eye on during an open-air cinema night.

1- Back up gear

It is necessary to have back up options for at least these key positions:

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2- Bright light around the outdoor venue

It is not always possible to turn off the street lights. And — as odd as it might sound — it is worth considering bright light reflected off moon. If there are a lot of dark scenes in the film that you screen outdoors it pays placing your open air screen with the moonlight in mind.

3- Sound

Make sure there are no structures behind the audience that contribute to an echo-chamber effect — otherwise you will find yourself having to make the sound of the outdoor movie very quiet.

4- Precipitation

It is always important to have at least garbage bags on hand to quickly cover your precious electronic equipment. We recommend you work out the procedure for hiding such equipment from precipitation well before the night show.

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5- Voltage drop

In the 110V network, there is a large voltage drop when one uses long extension cords. In this case it is important to have equipment with voltage indication, or a portable voltage tester.


6- Underground infrastructure of the venue

Many power cables that lead to the area's houses or irrigation systems on the lawn where the show takes place are laid underground and it is important to ask your rental customer if the inflatable screen anchoring — like stakes when you twist them into the ground — will cause damage to the underground infrastructure.

Be also mindful of hidden automatic irrigation systems that are programmed to come out of the ground at night — the customers may simply not be aware of their existence.

Now, we offer outdoor movie equipment rental in Florida and Utah.


From an unexpected rain hours before the screening is scheduled to take place, to sprinklers programmed to emerge from the ground at dusk, there are many things waiting to unpleasantly surprise a budding rental professional. 

Outdoor movie rental experts at Big Screen Pro are glad to assist you with our tried and tested strategies. Feel free to reach out on!


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