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Optoma ZH507+ Vs. Optoma ZH507 - 3 Main Differences

Optoma released ZH507 outdoor movie projector in July 2022 as a replacement for the discontinued ZH506. The new model got +500 lumens (5500 lm) with the same 1080p resolution, 16:9 native and improved DuraCore laser light source, with the longer lifespan (30,000 hours).

The ZH507 projector will be a good fit for a 25' outdoor movie screen or as a brighter upgrade for the very common 20' x 11' inflatable screen size.

Optoma offers ZH507 in two modifications -- regular ZH507 and a plus version ZH507+.

What's the difference between Optoma ZH507 and ZH507+? 

1- The price is the most obvious difference between the two sibling models. Optoma ZH507+ is +$150 compared to ZH507. As of July 2023, ZH507 costs $2,349, while ZH507+ is $2,499.

2- The included WiFi dongle, and built-in operating system are two other points of difference.

    Optoma Operating System - Desktop

    3- Direct content streaming: with Optoma ZH507+ you will get the ability to stream content directly to your projector -- via Optoma proprietary Creative Cast protocol -- get OTA (Over-the-air) firmware updates, and play media files from a USB stick or a built-in storage (16GB).

      Optoma File Manager

      Conclusion - which one is the best for outdoor movie event production?

      Optoma ZH507+ comes with smart features which will come in handy mostly for office presentations and corporate events. In outdoor movie event setups, we usually work with Projection Control Consoles (that already have a media player onboard) or play the content from a laptop.

      A good half of all the smart functions that Optoma has to offer with ZH507+ require an existing WiFi network, which is not always the case at outdoor movie venues.

      Assuming all of the above considerations, a regular ZH507 projector is a better choice for open air cinema enthusiasts and professionals.


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