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3 Top Inflatable Screens Manufacturers in the US

Inflatable projection screens are very popular these days. Here's our pick of the most recognized Made in USA manufacturers:

1- Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema Logo

Open Air Cinema is based in Utah, manufacturing outdoor movie screens in both Utah and Minnesota, out of polyester and vinyl. The smallest inflatable screen is 9' x 5', the largest screen is 40' x 27.5'. Freestanding construction screens are available.

The company is specialized in producing non-sealed inflatable screens that require constant air flow to maintain stability. There are no sealed screens in the Open Air Cinema lineup. All Open Air Cinema Screens are capable of both front and rear projection.

The company was established in 2001. 

  • Most expensive screen: Elite Screen 40' $17,999.
  • Most affordable screen: Home Screen 9' can be purchased from Big Screen Pro at a discount TODAY!

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2- Epic Outdoor Cinema

Epic Outdoor Cinema Logo


Epic Outdoor Cinema is a Florida-based manufacturer, proud of their Slimline™ sealed-air inflatable screens. As Epic calims -- their Premier screens can float! 

3- FunFlicks

FunFlicks Outdoor Movies Logo

FunFlicks is a company specializing in outdoor movie equipment rental and services -- the biggest provider of such services in the US. However you can also find a 'Buy Outdoor Movie Screens' link on their website in the More Services section.

FunFlicks states that the screens they make were designed with the company's rental experience in mind.

Cheap and Expensive Inflatable Movie Screens. What Is the Difference

FunFlicks sells inflatable screens of A, B and C quality. Where A are AirScreen products, B are US-made inflatable screens: 16' to 40' wide and C are China-made screens.

If you know more US manufacturers of the inflatable screens - please let us know in the comments below!

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