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Three projection screens to pair with Optoma EH412x

Optoma EH412x is a versatile projector that is equally good for small, middle-size and large screens. Good for both outdoor screenings and indoor events.

Here are three screen types that would cover your event needs. Be it for your backyard or business.

1- (20' x 11') inflatable screen

The 4500 lumen brightness of Optoma EH412x is sufficient to project a gigantic image of 20' x 11' size -- essentially creating a cinematic experience -- while watching a blockbuster movie with your neighbours in the backyard. The screen of this size will shine at an outdoor film fest, with audience size up to 500 people.

2- (9' x 5') middle-size' folding projection screen

This screen size paired with Optoma EH412x is a good commercial offer for a projection equipment rental company. Typically, the 9' x 5' screen size is good for lecture halls or large conference rooms. For your private use, a 9' x 5' screen will look gorgeous in a spacious residential area.

3- (100'') permanent installation projection screen

Did you know that the smaller the projected image is the brighter it gets. With this set-up, the 4500 lumen EH412x will create a TV-like, vivid image of 100'' diagonal.


When you think about your projection equipment set-up it is always great to have the right components for different venues and audience sizes. Optoma EH412x is a great fit to cover your projection needs with the image sizes from 100'' to 20'.


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