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This Ohio drive-in proves: America's 300+ drive-ins are still kicking, despite drastic drop from 1950s peak

Like many drive-in theaters that we have been covering in our events section, this two-screen venue in Ohio is one of about 330 America's drive-ins still in operation, down from the late 1950s peak of about 4,000 drive-ins.

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Placed in 1955 along Ohio State Route 59 "midway" between the cities of Ravenna, Ohio and Kent, Ohio, Midway Drive-In was one of the last drive-ins standing with a Vogel screentower -- named so after a drive-in architect Jack K. Vogel. The Vogels sold Midway Drive-In to John Knepp in the early 1990s, making it one of two drive-ins currently operated by Knepp. In late 2000, the screentower was destroyed by a winter storm,and got replaced with a standard-issue Selby Screentower.

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Midway Drive-In in Ohio offers an up to 500 vehicle capacity.

This drive-in theater is one of 20+ Ohio-based members of The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association which was incorporated as a non-profit business league in 1999.

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