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2 Reasons to use sound-dampening blower box besides noise reduction

A sound dampening blower box was created by Open Air Cinema in response to air blower noise issues. But outdoor movie event experts report other benefits of using the sound dampening blower box, as follows:
  • Protection against bad weather.
  • Keeping kids and pets away from the air blower.

1- Weather and precipitation

When your air blower is protected by a sound dampening blower box it can withstand rain because the inner walls of the box are made of acoustic plastic.
However be sure to dry the muffler before storage.
The sound dampening blower box reduces the amount of dust and sand that may penetrate the air blower. However keep in mind that the body of the muffler is not 100% airtight because your air blower needs free and uninterrupted airflow intake.
In freezing environments, the sound dampening blower box maintains higher temperature inside.

The Sound Dampening Blower Box protecting the air blower from Snow

2- Preventing kids or pets from accessing a working air blower

An air blower has a fast-spinning motor inside of it. And if it is abruptly brought to a halt (or if the air tube is disconnected) your screen will deflate in the middle of the show.
The sound dampening blower box keeps kids or pets from accessing the air blower and keeps everyone around it much safer.

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