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Best Projector calculator recommended for outdoor screenings

As a movie event producer be it your backyard or a professional event, you always deal with different projector models.

Whether you are considering to upgrade your projector for the next outdoor movie party or your client asks if they can use a projector from their presentation room -- in all these scenarios a projection calculator comes in handy.

What does a projection calculator do?

Typically, when we say that we need to do projection calculation we try to determine:

  • if the projector model is capable of projecting an image of the required screen size.
  • how far a projector needs to be placed from the projection screen to deploy a necessary screen size.
  • whether a projector has sufficient brightness to project an image that large.

Our recommendation for the best online projector calculator (projector central calculator)

One of the ways to calculate projection is to find out the projector's throw ratio. Now it is easier to simply use an online projection calculator with a database of specific projector models.

The projection calculator that we normally use at Big Screen Pro is the projection calculator from Projector Central.

How to use the projection calculator from Projector Central

  1. Choose projector manufacturer from the list. Pick your projector model. Legacy models are also present as of the time this blog post went live.

    First step to use the projector central online calculator is to choose your projector model

  2. Now you have a set of tools to work with your projection calculation. Typically you will want to specify the size of the outdoor movie screen that you plan to use. Diagonal dimensions, height and width as well as aspect ratio.

    Step no 2 is choosing the projector screen size using the image size part of the projector central  calculator

  3. After this, the projection calculator will show you the distance your projector needs to be placed at for your specific outdoor movie venue needs. If the outdoor projector you plan to use has a zoom feature the calculator will show you projection distance options as per your zoom.

    Finally, the projector central calculator will show you the required projection distance

Projector Central calculator specific features

Assessing if the projector brightness is sufficient 

The projection calculator from Projector Central has a feature for indoor screenings that helps you determine if the projector brightness is sufficient.

Please keep in mind that the brightness recommended is usually excessive. It is tailored for indoor projection in that case. For outdoor screen application, see our table in this article.

The ability to lock screen size/projection distance values

There is also a feature to lock screen size value or projection distance value. The use scenario described above includes the locked screen size value. The variable projection distance value is useful when:

  1. selecting screen size for the projector to be used.
  2. projecting on a white wall and you want to know how large the projected image can be depending on the distance between a projector and an outdoor screen.

It can help with interchangeable lenses

The projection calculator from Projector Central also includes the database of interchangeable projector lenses. If your outdoor projector model has an interchangeable lens you are covered.


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