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Open Air Cinema system warranty plan and component upgrades

Your outdoor movie system is a significant investment whether it's for your backyard or a movie event business. This is why it is important to pay attention to the quality of each component in your system and the warranty policy of their manufacturers.

This attention from your side will ensure a successful operation of your open air cinema system for years to come.

Other than this, you might want to find out with the seller of your outdoor movie system about the repairs terms and capabilities as well as component upgrade availability.

From this point of view, Open Air Cinema can be considered a good outdoor movie industry standard.

Open Air Cinema Warranty

Open Air Cinema offers one-year warranty for their Home screens, and two years of warranty for the Pro inflatables and a three-year warranty for the Elite lineup of outdoor movie screens. All are under normal wear and tear conditions.

If it is a complete outdoor movie system that you buy, expect to get good warranty terms from the system component manufacturers handpicked by Open Air Cinema. Mackie, Optoma and Sony are some component manufacturers on the list.

Open Air Cinema Elite Brochure: 3 Year Warranty

Open Air Cinema Screen Repair Options

Open Air Cinema screens can almost always be repaired. Any puncture or tear can be dealt with by applying patches and repairing the damaged screen with surgically precise seams.

Any zipper or velcro strap can be easily replaced by Open Air Cinema.

If the projection surface is too dirty to clean Open Air Cinema can replace that surface for you.

We at Big Screen Pro always encourage clients to send their screens for repair to Open Air Cinema instead of purchasing a new one -- just as a good circularity habit.

Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie System Upgrades

Many of Open Air Cinema clients purchased their outdoor movie systems in the 2000s. And they still serve them well. Over the years, the old bulb projectors were upgraded to the high resolution projectors with laser light source. Upgraded projection control consoles are now capable of streaming Netflix and play content from laptops.

Open Air Cinema Pro Console with a laptop shelf

The main idea of such an approach is that you can upgrade your AV components part by part, as technology develops and your screening habits evolve.

Beside these upgrades, we can customize your projection control console. Check out our audio upgrades for a custom control console.


Buying a quality outdoor movie system, in a sense, introduces you to a club of outdoor movie enthusiasts. As the years pass by, you will find yourself becoming an outdoor movie expert -- as you learn the ins and outs of various outdoor movie system components and their various combinations. You will eventually be able to come up with your best outdoor movie setup that ticks all the boxes specifically for you.


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