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Latest 3 Trends in Optoma Projectors for Outdoor Movie Systems

Optoma projectors are the brand of choice for many outdoor movie enthusiasts and professionals. It's a standard brand for Open Air Cinema complete outdoor movie systems and one of the most common offerings from AirScreen.

Let's delve into some of the trends led by Optoma in summer 2023.

1- Everything brighter than 4,500 lumens is laser

The brightest bulb light source projector in the current Open Air Cinema lineup is Optoma EH412x ($849). If you would want 5,000 lumens you will need to buy a laser ZH461 ($2,199).

There are several non-laser and affordable outdoor projector models offered by Optoma in 2023:

Optoma DH351

2- More laser models to cover 4,000-5,500 lumens

Recently Optoma released several new laser models in the brightness range of 4,000-5,500 lumens.

Optoma ZH400

An affordable 4K laser model:

Optoma ZK400 is $2,999, 4K resolution and 4,000 laser lumens.

3- More abundant choice after 6,000 lumens

In the last twelve months or so, Optoma has released quite a number of models that are brighter than 6,000 lumens. ZU725T is $5,299, 7,800 laser lumens and WUXGA resolution -- between Full HD and 4K.

The brightest projector in the Optoma lineup is ZU2200. It costs $39,999 and is a whopping 22,000 lumens.

And in-between there are these:

  • ZU1900 - $34,999 - 19000lm.
  • ZU1700 - $24,999 - 17000lm.
  • ZU1300 - $17,999 - 14400lm.
  • ZU1100 - $12,999 - 11500lm.
  • ZU920T - $7,299 - 9800lm.
  • ZU820T $6,299 - 8800lm.


It seems like in a couple years there will be no bulb light source projectors in the Optoma lineup. And we will certainly see more price-friendly 4K options.


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