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What maintenance does my Optoma EH412x need?

Optoma EH412x is one of the most reliable projector models to work outside for your outdoor movie event. It can withstand a lot of extreme conditions -- that are not recommended by the manufacturer itself. Things like freezing temperatures and high humidity.

Steps to replace the Optoma EH412x lamp
After a lot of years of hard use your Optoma EH412x may require some maintenance. 
Projector maintenance that can be done by the end user includes:
  • Projector lamp replacement.
  • Lens cleaning.
  • Filter cleaning and/or replacement.
  • Installing and cleaning the dust filter.

How to clean Optoma EH412x dust filter

Optoma recommends to clean the dust filter every three months -- or even more often -- if the outdoor projector is used in a dusty environment. 
Removing Optoma EH412x dust filter
Here is the procedure recommended by the manufacturer:
  1. Switch off the power to the projector by pressing the "OFF" button on the remote control or the projector keypad.
  2. Disconnect the power cord.
  3. Remove the dust filter carefully. 
  4. Clean or replace the dust filter. 
  5. To install the dust filter, reverse the previous steps.
Some other indications that your projector's air filter may require some cleaning or replacement is a sudden shutdown of the projector due to overheating.


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