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Introducing Big Screen Pro projector enclosure

Outdoor movie event producer's worst enemy is bad weather. Any experienced outdoor movie producer can recall a case when an outdoor movie screening became impossible because of the rainy weather. Frequently during Big Screen Pro-operated open air cinema events it starts raining unexpectedly.

So recently we committed to finding a solution. We tried an improvised tent and even protected the projector from the rain by covering it with trash bags. But all of this was unreliable and energy-depriving. Looking for a commercial solution on the market we have found heavy, typically permanent installations and very expensive products.

In the end, we've developed our own Big Screen Pro product. We tasked our R&D department with the following: Big Screen Pro projector enclosure has to be lightweight, road-ready and able to effectively maintain necessary humidity and temperature conditions inside the box. And here is the result: a top-loading projector housing, made of aluminium and painted with durable commercial-grade paint, made for exteriors.
Big Screen Pro Projector Enclosure
There are three ball-bearing fans (one for air intake and two for exhaust). The quality of the protected image is insured by optically transparent glass front panels. The panel of the projector enclosure transmits 99 % of the emitted light from your projector. For your convenience there are spare electric sockets protected from the elements to power up a media player and other accessories. When the projector is inside the box it can still be controlled by the remote control thanks to the built-in infrared transmitter.

The size of the projector enclosure by Big Screen Pro allows to accommodate our most favourite Optoma projector models, with the largest one that could be fit in being Optoma ZH606, a 6000 lumen laser projector for up to 30' wide outdoor screen.

We tested the projector enclosure under a pouring rain in August and freezing cold with snow in December. And everything went as planned.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your projector protection needs. And even if your projector is larger than the standard size — we at Big Screen Pro can make a larger projector enclosure for you.

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