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Inflatable movie screens vs permanent screens for business

When choosing the best projection screen for your outdoor movie setup you mainly have two options: inflatable movie screen or fixed permanent screen.

There are several options in-between such as folding screens, screens on a tripod, motorized screens. But such screens are usually meant for smaller audiences.

Below, we will discuss typical large-venue screens, starting from 12' in width.

When do we recommend inflatable movie screens? 

For outdoor movie equipment rentals, travelling film festivals and other events where you often change the screening venues you definitely want to go with an inflatable screen.

Comparison between Permanent screens and Inflatable movie screens for different types of business

Someone contemplating open air cinema in the park, at resorts, church or house of worship yard will have to choose between the permanent projection screen and a pop-up style inflatable screen. Here are the pros and cons of both projection screen types:

Inflatable movie screens pros and cons

The main advantage of using an inflatable movie screen

One of the advantages of inflatable screens is that you can install it when needed and store it away when it's not. By doing so you protect this expensive equipment from the harsh weather conditions, dust and dirt as well thieves.

Open Air Cinema 16' Inflatable Screen

Inflatable movie screens disadvantages

  • One obvious drawback is that you have to set up the equipment before each screening and take it down when the final credits are over.
  • Plus, compared to the fixed, permanent projection screen, an inflatable screen consumes electric power.

Permanent projection screens pros and cons for large venues

The best thing about a permanent movie screen is that it is always there when you need it. But it may require even more time-consuming maintenance to keep it in good condition. It will collect dust, moisture and could serve as a 'magnet' for creative types of the the kind of graffiti artists.

When do we recommend permanent projection screens?

From experience, there are limited situations where we would recommend a permanent projection screen over an inflatable one.

Large drive-in

While a 40' inflatable screen is good for up to 250 cars it requires four technicians to operate. Typically, you'll want such a screen to be elevated above the ground. So it might prove to be easier to mount your projection surface on an existing structure like a multistory building wall.


Resorts normally secure their perimeter. So in the case of such venues as resorts your permanent screen is likely to be protected from vandals.

Restaurant patio

If the plan is to show movies or live sporting events more often than several nights in a row it might totally make sense for you to install a permanent projection screen at your outdoor dining area. 


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