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BSP Custom Projection Control Consoles - The Latest Audio Upgrades

A projection control console is the main interface allowing you to interact with your outdoor movie system. Think: event producer's workplace.

The standard features of a projection control console include:

  • Volume control of several audio inputs.
  • Operations with media files, such as: switching playback from streaming to Blu-ray disc.

Frequently, outdoor movie event producer's requirements may go far beyond these standard features. If this is your case, we will gladly discuss your customization needs and suggest an appropriate upgrade.

Think of it this way — there are endless combinations of components that may be integrated into a projection control console: from stage and lighting control to live video streaming gadgets.

In this article, we will focus on audio component upgrades and add-ons.

Custom audio equalizers

Included in the standard Rolls RM169 — that goes with Home and Pro projection control consoles available from Big Screen Pro — there is a basic audio equalizer for bass and treble.

But what if there is a need for more precise audio frequency control to adjust to a perfect sound and timbre specific to a screening venue. In this case, we will recommend a dedicated rack-mounted equalizer that allows to finetune audio frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz.

Rolls RPQ160b Parametric Equalizer
Rolls RPQ160b Parametric Equalizer 

Advanced mixers for your convenience

Sometimes it is necessary to control a lot of audio inputs of different types: analog and digital, with and without phantom power, and with wide variety of impedance. There are plenty of options for even more advanced audio mixers that you can request from us. Feel free to email us now on

Audio delays

Audio delay is a dedicated device that helps eliminate sound delay when you use more than two speakers. We recommend this component for large audiences, when four or more speakers are involved.

See article: Audio transmission. Digital vs analog

Wireless microphone

A standard Open Air Cinema Pro projection control console includes one wired and one wireless microphone. From experience, there is usually a need for several speakers to be bundled up with a mike. Think, a Q&A session after a movie premiere or discussion clubs.

Shure wireless mics mounted into rack box
Shure wireless mics mounted into rack box. Source

NOTE Big Screen Pro control console upgrade options include up to six wireless mikes.


There is a wide variety of customization options that Big Screen Pro will gladly offer to meet your specific requirements. Be sure to let us know your equipment needs and we will suggest the most effective solution.


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