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How to remove rear blackout backdrop from Open Air Cinema screen

Since 2018, all of the three Open Air Cinema screen lineups are capable of both front and rear projection. We get a lot of questions from outdoor movie professionals asking how the rear projection works.

It's a fair question because all Open Air Cinema inflatable screens are equipped with a rear blackout backdrop that -- when projecting from the front -- protects the white surface from the unwanted light coming from behind.

A lady removing the Open Air Cinema screen blackout backdrop from the right bottom side side

How to remove Open Air Cinema blackout backdrop

One should understand that this rear blackout backdrop is removable to enable rear projection. The removal process is simple and takes up to 5 minutes on average. To remove the rear backdrop, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Unattach its Velcro bottom part (that you will find on the right and left sides of the backdrop's bottom) from the screen's frame.
  2. Unzip the top side of the backdrop from the screen's frame.


A lady removing an Open Air Cinema rear blackout backdrop from the left bottom side

Tips for removing the rear blackout backdrop

  • Keep in mind that it's more convenient to remove the blackout backdrop when your outdoor screen is fully inflated.
  • To reach the zipper at top of the backdrop, tilt the screen or have someone help you by tilting the screen towards you.

We asked Open Air Cinema to make a short video of the blackout backdrop removal process.




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