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How to host an outdoor movie night in your backyard - 3 Tips

One of the best ways to spend your summer evening is to watch movies under the stars in your backyard. Invite your neighbors or family members! Their satisfaction is guaranteed if you do everything right.

1- Planning

Make sure to check the weather forecast. In the evening it may become breezy and you want to have blankets on hand. Choose an evening when it won't rain since it might become unpleasant for your audience and your equipment might get wet.
We recommend to start your outdoor movie event 20 minutes after the sunset because projection technology works only when it's basically dark.

2- Equipment

To try it out we recommend to rent equipment for your first screening.
Outdoor movie equipment is expensive and you want to try the right size of a screen for your audience along with an equipment set that would work best for your screening needs.
To find the nearest rental services in your state check our list here.
Typically outdoor movie equipment rentals offer just the equipment or equipment with their technicians who will set it up for an additional fee, for your movie night to run smoothly.
The bare minimum for your outdoor movie event is a projector, a surface where you will project your content and a pair of speakers.
Even a white wall would work. However we recommend an inflatable screen from a premium brand to get the best experience for your viewers.
Read our article that explains why you need a screen for projecting movies outdoors.

16 ft Open Air Cinema Inflatable Screen on a backyard

Getting your own set of equipment

After your first outdoor movie night using rental equipment you will have answered the most common questions: the optimal screen size, projector throw, power for your speakers and any other peripherals that you might want to have during the event.

When you are ready to buy your own set of equipment

When choosing your own set of outdoor movie equipment we highly recommend that you purchase it from a highly reputable brand.
Some of the features to look out for in your inflatable movie screen include: a wrinkle-free projection surface, proper screen geometry, screen fabric.
Some of those cheap screens on offer from Amazon might quickly disappoint you. A good inflatable screen will serve you 5-10 years under normal wear and tear conditions.

3- Content licensing

For your backyard movie night you don't need any special license to screen content. Any media that has HDMI output will work with your projector: Apple TV, Chromecast, or cable TV box.
Be sure to follow BSP Updates for more tips and tricks around outdoor movie screenings.

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