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How to Mix and Match Different Open Air Cinema Lineups

A wide variety of people benefit from using outdoor movie equipment for work and leisure. Open Air Cinema came up with three lineups of inflatable screens and complete outdoor cinema systems to fulfill such a variety of needs.

But sometimes you may need to mix some components from the Home, Pro and Elite lineups to obtain the optimal result.

Pro screen with Home AV components

Open Air Cinema Pro screens are great for one-person installation, ideal rear-projection experience, and usage in humid conditions — by the pool. Or on the seashore.

The complete Pro outdoor projection systems are on the higher end of the price range — due to bright laser projectors, more powerful speakers and numerous event producer extras being included. While all these components make an outdoor cinema event go much smoother you might actually not need some of them, in your particular case.

So, there is a way to reduce the weight of your system and cut on expenses. How? Combine a Pro grade outdoor projection screen with the Home system components!

A giant Elite screen with Pro audio visual components

The most expensive, cutting-edge outdoor movie systems are represented by the Open Air Cinema Elite lineup. The cost: $10,000s. The Elite lineup contains very bright projectors and complex live event AV equipment such as: preview video monitors, full-size 12-channel audio mixer, video source signal switch (built right into a projection control console).

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25', 30', 40' inflatable screens are exclusively represented in the Open Air Cinema Elite lineup.

Open Air Cinema Elite Media Console behind a large Elite Screen
But what if you need a giant screen, save for the bells and whistles of the Elite complete outdoor movie system? The answer: get an Elite screen with the Pro grade audio visual components. This will save you almost half of the shelf price.

Open Air Cinema Home screen with Pro grade equipment

The outdoor movie event producers who screen frequently or offer a variety of screen sizes as part of their package will appreciate the advantage of pairing up a Home screen with Pro AV equipment. Open Air Cinema Home screens are lighter in weight and have a significantly smaller footprint (for limited space venues, for example).

This scenario will also be useful for outdoor movie rentals who already own a complete Pro system and want to add more screen sizes thanks to the Open Air Cinema Home screens.


Different use scenarios at times call for creative solutions to pick the most fitting set of equipment. We at Big Screen Pro are always glad to hear out your use cases and then offer the best combo of AV equipment from the Open Air Cinema Home, Pro, Elite lineups, and beyond.


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