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How to clean your inflatable projection screen

Here is a selection of best recommendations by the leading manufacturers of inflatable movie screens: Open Air Cinema, AirScreen master distributor and Epic Outdoor Cinema.

How to clean Open Air Cinema inflatable projection screens

All of the screens that Open Air Cinema have on offer now have a removable surface. 

Best way to clean an Open Air Cinema inflatable screen without a removable surface

If you have an older model screen without a removable surface, you will want to:

  1. Use environment-friendly soap and warm water.
  2. Scrub lightly on the stain with a toothbrush.
  3. Then, air dry. 

Another option that the team over at Open Air Cinema recommends is to:

  1. Inflate your outdoor inflatable screen.
  2. clean it using a high-pressure cleaning machine, with the minimal distance between the screen surface and the high-pressure cleaning hose being 30 inches.
  3. Then air dry.

Best method to clean an Open Air Cinema screen with a removable surface

  1. detach the screen with the zipper.
  2. Wash on low in the washing machine, again with environment-friendly soap.
  3. Then, air dry again.
  4. Ideally, you could take the removable surface to the dry cleaners in your area.

Open Air Cinema Elite 40' screen cleaning tips

For their Elite 40' screen, the Utah-based manufacturer recommends:

  • Use high-pressure car wash.
  • Wash the jumbo screen inflated, making sure the water does not get inside the air blower or the electrical extension cable.
  • Lean the screen a bit to reach the top of the projection surface.
  • Your inflatable screen needs to be dried completely afterwards before the storage (Learn how to store an Open Air Cinema screen properly).

Note that there are different kinds of soap that can be applied. The rule of thumb is to use the type of soap that you wouldn't mind washing your hands with (in terms of chemical aggressiveness).

Also, read: How to avoid getting your inflatable screen surface dirty after the screening.

How to clean Epic and AirScreen master inflatable projection screens

The team over at Epic Outdoor Cinema advise against using harsh cleaners. They recommend using damp cloth for touch up cleaning. For anything stronger, they suggest you use a product like Vinyl Clean Plus. Silicone based products are not recommended.

Finally, AirScreen's master distributor behind the first 100' wide inflatable movie screen in the United States recommends three cleaning methods here.

Also, read: "use a tarp and you'll never have to clean your inflatable screen again."

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