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3 Easy Steps to Avoid Projection Surface Dirt After Screening

Your inflatable screen projection surface is the most dirt-prone part of the outdoor movie system. When the screen is new — it is crispy white. But the more you use it, the projection surface accumulates stains and becomes dull.

Luckily Open Air Cinema Home and Pro screens have removable and machine-washable projection surfaces. 

Removable and Machine washable projection surface in Open Air Cinema Inflatable Screen
In any case, we recommend you try avoid dirt from building up on the white surface. Here are our best practices to keep your inflatable screen like new, for years to come.

1- Don't forget a tarp

Even if you are setting up the inflatable screen on a lawn or a perfectly clean parking lot don't discount the role a tarp can play in keeping the projection surface clean.

The tarp helps you keep the inflatable frame — especially the bottom of the screen — dirt-free, which helps protect the projection surface each time you fold and roll the inflatable screen. The tarp is a must when installing your equipment on the ground and sandy beaches.

2- Keep bugs away from the screen

The bugs are attracted by light. Your outdoor projector is a powerful source of light. But also is the projection surface, since it reflects the light from the projector. It often is the case that the bugs that got attached to the white projection surface during movie-under-the-stars events — and stayed there — most probably will get squeezed as the screen is folded, leaving nasty stains all over the surface.

To avoid this, turn off the projector 10 minutes before you fold the outdoor movie screen. Thoroughly tap on the projection surface and frame, with the palm of your hand. This will help drive away the bugs.

3- If the screen is wet let it dry before folding

Dust and dirt collects faster on wet surfaces. Even if it didn't rain during your outdoor movie event dew might have gathered on your screen, especially on its top.

Let the screen dry — or if you don't have time for this — shake the screen by lightly pulling on the tethers before you completely deflate it, to get rid of as many water drops as possible.


Pure white projection surface is pleasing to the eye and makes your audience appreciate the whole experience even more. By following the tips above, you'll be able to keep the projection surface new, for years to come.


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