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How to adjust projector image on Optoma EH412x

Optoma EH412x is a budget yet powerful projector. At this price point, the manufacturer equipped the projector with the necessary features without the expensive bells and whistles

The new adjustment features of Optoma EH412x

The features that are present in the older kin to Optoma EH412x are the four-corner image correction and motorized zoom for the motorized lens shift.

In Optoma EH412x you can achieve the same result by placing it at 90 degrees to the screen. By doing so you essentially eliminate the need to correct image corners.

How NOT to place your Optoma EH412x

Lens shift is achieved by adjusting a front projector lag. If the projector tripod that you are using is not 100% horizontal there are two adjustable legs on the back side of your Optoma EH412x.

Tilt Adjustment Feet (back and front) on Optoma EH412x

The main keys to adjust the image on Optoma EH412x 

  • Both zoom and focus are adjusted by the physical zoom lever and focus ring which allow for setting a precise value.

    Mechanical Focus Ring and Zoom Lever on Optoma EH412x

  • For keystone correction, there are dedicated buttons both on the remote control and projector body.

    Optoma EH412x Remote

  • In the menu, you can select the basic projector placement options: table or ceiling mount.

    Projector Mounting and Placement Options

    Available in the menu are Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Gamma settings as well as presets like: film, video, graphics and standard.

Optoma EH412x is also compatible with HDR content. Please note that If the Display Mode setting is set to HDR, user can only select HDR for Gamma setting.

Optoma OSD Menu

How to adjust the color on Optoma EH412x

The Color settings in the menu contain:

  • BrilliantColor™, a color-processing algorithm developed by Optoma.
  • Color Matching, where you can precisely choose the levels of red (R), green (G), black (B), cyan (C), yellow (Y), magenta (M), and white (W).
  • Hue, saturation and each color's gain (basically brightness).

RGB Gain/Bias settings allows you to configure the brightness (gain) and contrast (bias) of an entire image.

How to adjust the brightness on Optoma EH412x

Optoma EH412x lets you select the Brightness mode for your projector lamp. Bright settings will bring your projector to the maximum brightness.

  • Eco: the Eco mode will dim your image, lower power consumption and extend the lamp life.
  • Dynamic: the Dynamic mode will use algorithms to analyze your outdoor movie content and switch from Eco to Bright.
  • Eco+: the Eco+ mode is an even more dimmed Eco mode.


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