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5 Reasons to choose projectors over LED-LCD displays for home theater

The idea of creating home theaters has been with us for some time now. But such entertainment is becoming available for many only now. Bulky equipment, the entire set-up that is not cheap are some of the factors that discourage many from enjoying movies under the stars, right in their backyard.

These days, however, you can increasingly find on the market various home theater systems within different price ranges. And due to the pandemic related restrictions, introduced in 2020, for many people this is the only possible way to 'enjoy the movies', while chilling safely at home.

2 Types of home theater systems available in the market

Home theater systems can overall be divided into two major categories:

  1. Those with flat panels displaying images by matrix diodes.
  2. Those with projectors projecting images onto a white canvas screen.

5 Reasons to choose projectors over screen displays (LED - LCD)

1- You can set short throw projectors close to your screen 

The main advantage of the outdoor movie systems using a display with a matrix -- a.k.a. 'LED-LCD' -- is it not being so sensitive to the light-level in your theater room due to the fact that displays are the light sources themselves. LED-LCDs can be set-up even in relatively small rooms. However, if you want to get that cinema experience -- opt for projection systems!

Here is why. Currently, the market offers special short-throw projectors that can be set in close proximity to your projection screen.

2- Their affordable cost

Projection systems allow you to get a much larger picture for less money. The most affordable 100-inch LED-LCD screen on the market may throw you back by $10,000+ -- several times more than a projector.

3- Using a projector will not hurt your eyes

The picture size is often the most important for the home theater setting. Another advantage of a home cinema kit with a projection system is the image comfort. Using the projection system, you see images reflected from the screen which are projected there by an optical device. This helps your eyes be less strained, unlike an LED-LCD monitor’s image where the light comes directly from the screen and causes more eye strain.

4- Get the cinema experience

Additionally, it's worth to mention that our eyes are used to the "smoothing" movie picture in the cinemas. The LED-LCD screens software cannot fully achieve the same effect. That's the reason why 99.9% of cinemas in the world use projection systems.

While working on the final stage of color correction, movie directors are always guided by the picture displayed by a studio projector. This means that the projecting system for home theater allows you to see the picture as close as possible to the one created by its moviemakers.

5- HDR content doesn't give the desirable movie effect

For some viewers, it's important to have 'HDR' written on their screen (High Dynamic Range). They are right in some way because HDR provides a wide color gamut.

While projectors are currently behind LED-LCDs. However, HDR content is still far from the widespread usage, and many of its viewers complain that the picture becomes too sharp, losing the most desirable movie effect.

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We can go on much deeper while explaining lots of other technical fine points of LED-LCDs and projectors. Our goal here is certainly not to confuse you even more. Our goal with this post is to help you in making the basic technology choice for your home theater.

If you are still in doubt, consider visiting the nearest home cinema theater showroom in your area, see the differences with your own eyes, and make the choice there.

Don't forget, technology is on the move and developing. But we are adamant that projectors -- like the ones included in our home theater systems -- will remain the main game-players on the home theater market, and connoisseurs of watching movies at home will keep choosing them for their home cinema set-ups. 


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