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8 Steps To Get Your Outdoor Movie System Ready For Screening

Most users of inflatable movie screens use them on a seasonal basis. When using your outdoor movie screen on a daily or weekly basis, minimal maintenance is required, following the standard rules recommended by the manufacturer.

After a prolonged period of storage, the procedure for depreservation of your costly equipment has more steps.

How to prepare your outdoor movie system after a prolonged period of storage

1- Who stored the outdoor movie equipment

The first thing to consider at the start of every screening season is whether your outdoor movie equipment was gathered and packed for long-term storage by you or someone else. If the equipment was packed by you, then you probably know in what condition it was at the time of packing. This makes your task easier, but the effect of external factors such as moisture or rodents cannot be ruled out.Well-packed set of outdoor movie equipment

2- Moisture and mold

Before the start of each screening season, it is important to unpack the screen and inspect it for moisture or possible mold growth. After that, the outdoor movie screen should be inflated and checked for physical damage.

3- Creased projection surface

After a long period of storage, the projection surface may appear excessively creased, which is normal. We recommend keeping the screen inflated for several hours, this will be enough for the white projection surface to level up to working condition.

If you spot dirt on the projection surface, large enough to affect the overall quality of the picture, carry out the projection surface cleaning procedure.

4- Screen tethers

Be sure to check the screen tethers for their reliability. If they are worn out, be sure to replace them.

5- Double check the position of accessories

The next important step is to check such electronic components as the media console, connectors and cables. Even if visually all of your outdoor movie system accessories are reliable, you should double check in case during the interseasonal storage they spontaneously came out of their position.

6- Vacuum cleaning

Before the season, we also recommend using a vacuum cleaner. The dust inside the media console could become a source of static discharge. A person will not feel such a discharge, but in the case of costly equipment it can cause its breakdown.

7- Power accessories

Another point of preparation for the season is the batteries. In the case of power banks, those go charged. The batteries in all control devices must be replaced with fresh ones, even if the device they power seems to work properly with the batteries from the previous season.

8- Outdoor movie projector

If your projector is equipped with a removable filter, be sure to clean it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Replace it if cleaning is not possible. The dust in your outdoor movie projector, due to condensation, may become coarse and restrict the airflow for cooling, which may lead to a malfunction or the projector entering the overheat protection mode.


Run a test of the entire system without the viewers present. This will again help you to ensure that this outdoor movie season passes seamlessly.


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