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How to Host a Community Movie Night Outdoors - 6 Easy Steps

How can you bring your neighbors together and create a sense of community in the city? One way is to organize a fun and memorable event using inflatable movie screens and open air cinema systems.

Here are some steps to follow if you want to organize a community event using inflatable movie screens.

1- Choose a location

You will need a spacious and flat area that can accommodate the size of the screen and the audience. You will also need access to electricity and permission from the property owner or the local authorities. Some possible locations are parks, schoolyards, rooftops, parking lots, or vacant lots.

2- Choose a date and time

You will want to avoid bad weather and conflicting events that might affect attendance or visibility. You will also want to consider the best time of day for your event, depending on the theme and the audience.

For example, if you are targeting families with children, you might want to start your event in the afternoon or early evening. Please note that the projection technology supports screenings that begin not earlier than 20 minutes after sunset.

3- Choose a movie

You will want to pick a movie that is suitable for your audience and your theme. You will also want to check the licensing rights and fees for showing the movie publicly. Some websites offer legal streaming services for outdoor movies, such as Swank Motion Pictures or Criterion Pictures USA. You can also use public domain movies.

4- Rent or buy an outdoor movie system

You will need to find a reliable outdoor movie rental supplier that can provide you with the equipment you need for your event, such as Big Screen Pro. You will also need to consider the quality of the equipment, screen size to fit your audience size.

5- Promote your event

You will want to spread the word about your event and attract as many people as possible. You can use various methods, such as flyers, posters, social media, newsletters, word-of-mouth, or local media outlets. You can also partner with other organizations or businesses that share your vision or audience.

6- Prepare for your event

You will want to make sure everything is ready for your event and avoid any problems or delays. You will need to test the equipment beforehand, set up the screen and the projector at the location, arrange seating and lighting options, provide snacks and drinks if possible, and have volunteers or staff to help with logistics and security.

Enjoy your outdoor movie event

Have fun and make your event a memorable experience for yourself and your attendees.

Organizing a community event using inflatable movie screens can be a great way to connect with your neighbors and create a sense of belonging in the community where you live. It can also be a fun and creative way to enjoy movies outdoors with your friends and family.


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