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4 Things to Consider When Planning a Fall Outdoor Movie Night

Fall season is a beautiful time to enjoy movies under the stars. It's not sizzling hot any longer but not too cold just yet. This article is more of a guide especially for the regions that still have four distinctive seasons throughout the year.

First: you can plan to start your event earlier

A wonderful fact about fall is that the sun sets significantly earlier letting you begin the outdoor movie screening earlier. For instance, in American Fork, Utah and the area — where Big Screen Pro is headquartered in the US — in June the sunset is at 9 pm and in September the sun sets at 7:30 pm. So at this calendar point, our outdoor movie rental customers in Utah can finish their screening much earlier than they would in the summer.

Second: it will get cold in the evening!

But there are ways to make your viewers feel cozy. Bean bags feel warmer compared to wooden chairs. Fleece blankets will keep your audience warm. Hot beverages on-site will make your guests happy.

Another great gadget for outdoor screenings in fall is infrared outdoor-rated heaters.

Third: be ready for a sudden change of weather

The worst enemy of an outdoor movie event producer is rain. A slight drizzle won't be a problem, naturally. But as the rain intensifies be ready to act. Here are few things you can do:

  • The first thing in your outdoor movie system to protect from the rain is your projector. Make sure when you cover the working projector from the rain that you don't block the device's air vents.
Hiding projector from the rain
  • Check out this unique projector enclosure that our R&D unit helped develop for scenarios like that.
  • We strongly recommend using a sound dampening blower box as it not only reduces noise from the air blower but also protects it from rain.
  • Other components of your outdoor movie system that need special attention during rain are outdoor speakers and the projection control console.

Outdoor Speaker Covered with speaker bag
For a short period of time, you can protect the speakers by covering them with the provided speaker bags. (NOTE The bags are water resistant but not waterproof).

Fourth: create a repertoire

Fall is a great season for the moody noir flicks and themed Halloween party screenings of horror and suspense movies. It's also a great idea to binge watch a new season of your favourite Netflix series.


When the summer is over you don't have to store away your outdoor movie system immediately. Fall is a good time for corporate and team-building events, right after the summer holiday season. As well as enjoying fresh air in your backyard while watching a movie or two under the stars.


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