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What are the components of Open Air Cinema outdoor theater system?

Open Air Cinema is known for their quality US-made inflatable screens. But besides that Open Air Cinema offers turnkey outdoor movie systems. Those AV bundles include carefully handpicked components as informed by Open Air Cinema's 20+ years of experience in the field.

You may be wondering what is included in a complete Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system. Today we'll discuss in greater detail what components they are.

1- Screen Kit

2 Open Air Cinema storage bags with outdoor movie screens deflated and folded inside
Each complete outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema includes an inflatable frame and a removable projection surface, with rear projection capabilities. The inflatable structure includes rear protective backdrops that block unwanted light from behind your screen (check out how to remove these backdrops).

The next important item in the screen kit is an air blower. Open Air Cinema exclusively makes inflatable screens that use an air blower for constant pressure maintenance inside the screen.

Also, you will be getting eight heavy-duty tethers, pre-installed on the frame to anchor your inflatable screen, once deployed. For the same purpose you will receive four ground/grass stakes.

The complete Open Air Cinema system also includes a sound dampening blower box, storage bag for the screen and a projection surface. Please note that you don't have to detach the projection surface from the screen after each screening event.

Another important accessory included is a ground tarp to keep your screen clean and tidy.

2- Speaker Set

2 floor-standing active powered outdoor speakers from mackie thump
Most of the complete systems by Open Air Cinema include a pair of active powered speakers. The larger Elite systems include up to six speakers (in a 40' Elite system, up to 3,000 people). Each AV bundle includes padded speaker bags, a pair of speaker stands and long audio cables.

3- Projector and Media Console

Open Air Cinema media console

Each Open Air Cinema lineup system (Home, Pro and Elite) goes with a projector and a media console, called Cinebox. The projector model and brightness depend on the screen size and lineup. The brightness varies from 3,600 to 7,500 lumens and above, on request. Pro and Elite systems are equipped with a hard padded projector case.

Optoma white projector from top right view and its case
Open Air Cinema's Home, Pro and Elite systems include media consoles with rack-mounted components.
A power conditioner, audio mixer and Blu-ray player with streaming capabilities and a wired mike is what you will get as part of the Home media console.
The Pro Cinebox comes with the same selection of components but of higher performance -- plus an accessory shelf and an additional wireless mike. All of these are pre-installed into a rugged road-ready plastic rack case.
Also, BSP offer custom control consoles. Check out this article to know the included audio upgrades.

4- Cables and Wires

Cables to connect Open Air Cinema outdoor movie theater system
A complete Open Air Cinema theater system comes with all the necessary cables and wires that you might need for an outdoor movie event. The speaker set comes with a pair of XLR cables and a power cable for each speaker.
A set of power extension cords includes cables of different lengths. With their help you will be available to power up your entire outdoor movie system and each individual component.
Typically, Open Air Cinema provides one main HDMI cable and another -- a longer one -- HDMI cable for backup. Rack-mounted components are all pre-wired.
Besides that, you will get an HDMI-to-Apple lightning adapter as well an HDMI-to-USB Type C which will allow you to connect your phone to a laptop.
With Pro grade systems you will get an Event Producer's Tackle Box -- which has a plethora of different video and audio adapters as well as other accessories that will equip you for any type of outdoor movie events.
A media console in each of the three Open Air Cinema lineups has a 3.5 millimeter jack to wire your analog audio devices.
For your wireless music needs there is a Bluetooth interface available in an audio mixer (included).
And each Elite system has two air blowers to inflate your Elite screen faster.


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