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3 ways to anchor your inflatable movie screen on any surface

In perfect conditions, you would install your outdoor movie inflatable screen on the green grass in your backyard.
But what if you want to entertain your community or your client's audience at a venue that offers only solid surfaces. Think: a parking lot, a location by the poolside.
Anywhere where using ground stakes is impractical, we recommend anchoring the tethers of your inflatable screen with weights. Think water bags.

How do you know the weight of your anchor is sufficient?

A rule of thumb is to apply at least 25% of your overall screen weight to each of the four corners. This being said, if there are such anchors as tree trunks, fences, etc those could be used to anchor the screen's tethers.
But make sure such an anchor can safely handle the pulling force of the tether tied to it.
Generally, the heavier your anchor is the better. Keep in mind that the wind speed might increase during your movie under the stars. 

3 types of anchors to weigh down an inflatable movie screen on different surfaces

1- Sand bags

Typically used by film set professionals, sand bags can be conveniently stored and filled with sand or small rocks before the event. The bags themselves are made of heavy-duty fabric. They have a clear indication of maximum weight they can handle. And they normally have a robust handle that you can use to tie a screen's tether to it.

30Lbs black Sandbag

2- Water bags

Frequently used for water transportation, water bags are made of vinyl and don't take much space when stored. They are especially handy when you are certain to have access to a water source at or not far from your outdoor screening venue.

Water Bag

3- Concrete blocks

Event managers usually use concrete blocks to anchor commercial tents or patio or poolside umbrellas. Concrete blocks are also great anchors for inflatable movie screens. They are, though, heavy to move around.
And so you might need help to carry them to your screening location. Some of the customers use concrete blocks at drive-in screenings, especially when it comes to multiple movie nights in a row.

Concrete Block


Generally, an inflatable movie screen can be installed on any surface as long as the venue has enough space to fit your screen size. Any object heavy enough can be used to anchor the inflatable screen down. Choose your anchor weights based on the specs of your venue.

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