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3 Best outdoor movie screens for your backyard in 2023

Choosing a good projection screen depends on how you are planning to use it. In this brief review we have chosen three best models from different categories. If you want to go in-depth about the types of outdoor projection screens and even answer the question whether you need one - please read our earlier post -- Do I need a projection screen for outdoors.

1- EPIC Patio 150 outdoor movie screen ($1,899)

EPIC Patio 150 outdoor movie screen

A sealed inflatable welded screen made pretty much as your favorite rubber boat. This screen has a 150” diagonal projection surface capable of both rear and front projection. Sealed screens do not need an air blower to stay up, so it won’t distract your audience (and yourself) during the screenings. The overall construction size is 11.5’ by 8.75’ inflated -- and packs as small as 25” × 23” × 30” when packed away. Typically, sealed screens are extremely heavy, but at 150” size the screen weighs an acceptable 100 lbs.

Epic screens are made in the US with high precision and a 2-year warranty. Thanks to the screen's sealed construction it can even float in your pool.

Read our complete comparison between sealed and breathing inflatable movie screens.

2- Draper Nocturne®+ Motorized Outdoor Projection Screen 100” ($1,650)

Draper Nocturne®+ Motorized Outdoor Projection Screen

Draper has been making movie screens since 1957. Their Nocturne®+ series is specifically designed for patios, pool decks, or other outdoor venues. Screen headbox is engineered with weather and insect protection in mind. Multiple screen sizes are available in this series from 65” to 147” in diagonal as well as light-rejecting and high-contrast projection surfaces.

3- Open Air Cinema Home 16’ Screen Kit ($1,999)

Open Air Cinema Home 16’ white big Screen

Open Air Cinema is known for making breathable (non-sealed) projection screens, which are a lot lighter in weight and pack smaller than most sealed screens. However, this screen type needs a constantly running air blower to stay inflated.

This screen is the largest one in our review. Visible area -- also known as projection surface size -- is 16’ x 9’ or 222” in diagonal. Yet the screen weighs only 17 lbs.

Open Air Cinema screens have been made in the US, under strict quality control, since 2001. (Read these reviews about Open Air Cinema brand).

Whether you are switching from a DIY projection screen or getting ready to go for movies under the stars, these three screens can be a solid investment for years to come.

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