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Animation- and Uma Thurman-packed TV show debut February awaits outdoor event fans this month

As part of our monthly overview of this year's TV show debuts that you can enjoy on a big screen in your backyard -- or somewhere by the pool -- here is what February brings with it.

Whether it's video game-inspired, comic strip- or book series-based, animation is everywhere on TV this month

Big Nate, a computer-animated streaming television series based on the comic strip and book series is set to premiere on Paramount+ on February 17. Alice's Wonderland Bakery, a computer-animated television series based on the Disney media franchise scheduled to premiere on Disney Junior on February 9.

Wait! -- Are we seeing a pattern here?

The Cuphead Show (stylized as The Cuphead Show!), an animated streaming television series based on the run-and-gun shooter video game scheduled for worldwide release on Netflix on February 18.

In fact, this is something like a double pattern here if you judge from Shenmue the Animation, one more animated TV series to debut in February. It's a Japanese anime television series based on another video game: the Shenmue video game series and published by Sega -- set to premiere on February 6.

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Super Pumped Suspicion in Bel-Air: two with Uma Thurman, and just one by Will Smith

Suspicion premiered today with two episodes being released on Apple TV+. Uma Thurman (1970) stars here as American media mogul Katherine Newman, whose son's kidnapping and subsequent disappearance is part of the premise. CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar (1981) is also part of the cast. Along with Elizabeth Henstridge (1987), best known for starring in the ABC superhero action drama series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's Uma Thurman again in Super Pumped. Again as a media mogul: Arianna Huffington this time. Hank Azaria (1964) was cast as Tim Cook. Hank is known for voicing many characters in the animated sitcom The SimpsonsSuper Pumped is set to premiere on Showtime on February 27. Starting with Uber, potential future seasons might explore other stories of businesses that have affected the culture.

Finally, to premiere on Peacock on February 13 is an American drama streaming TV series developed by Will Smith -- Bel-Air. An online premiere is scheduled to be held on February 9.

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