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4 Questions to Ask Clients Who Rent Your Outdoor Movie System

The pre-production stage of outdoor movie events is a crucial part of a movie screening, to ensure a smooth and pleasant movie night under the stars.

Before the movie night

One of the most common mistakes of movie event producers is to assume that your customer has the level of expertise similar to yours. Normally it's not the case and the best way to iron out possible snags is to ask your outdoor movie rental client as many questions as you might have about the specific venue and on-site amenities.

1- Timing: when do they plan the screening to start?

Ask your client when they plan to start the screening. Most folks wouldn't realize that the projected image will only be visible at least 20 minutes after the sunset. Coordinate with the client to establish when the outdoor movie system needs to be installed on-site.

Crowded open air cinema screening

Keep in mind that the screening that you handle on behalf of your client could be one of a series of activities during that day, at that venue. So, make sure your CineBox™ system installation does not interrupt those parallel activities.

2- Venue: where will the screen be positioned?

During the preparation of the outdoor movie night try to find out where exactly the screen will be positioned and the seating area for the viewers — where that one will be.

  • Do you already understand how far the electric sockets are from the place where you were okayed to put the inflatable screen? This distance will inform your decision as to the lengths of the extension cords to be used.
  • Does your outdoor movie rental customer have control over the ambient lighting at the venue?

Remember: the projection surface reflects light from the surrounding environment the same as it does with the projected content.

3- Content: which type are they going to show?

There might be a couple scenarios around the content your client wants to show to their audience. We could talk a Blu-ray disc with a blockbuster film. Or it could be a media file for a festival premiere — available nowhere else but the customer's hard disc. It could also be a streaming platform exclusive — which one won't be able to download beforehand.

Under most of these scenarios, we recommend bringing to the screening venue a backup copy of the announced content: on a disc, let's say.

4- What is going to happen before and after the screening?

Discuss with the rental customer what is going to happen before the movie begins.

  • Would they like you to play ambience music while the viewers are taking their seats before the show?
  • Will there be an emcee or a guest speaker who will need a mike?
  • If the client would you like you to show any promos before/after the feature — ask for this content to be shared with you a day before, to test it.

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While having this Q&A with your outdoor movie rental customer, you will gradually get on the same page with them. Make sure they give you a thought-out timeline of the screening day, as they see it. This kind of coordination approach will save both of you lots of peace of mind.


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