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Projector Screen Size Calculator - Handy Tool for Event Producers

When planning your next event or considering options for your Open Air Cinema setup you will want to work with the screen and image size dimensions.

One of your choices could be to memorize and then apply geometric formulas. But it's much easier to use a handy online tool that we share here for your convenience. Here is a free online screen size calculator, with no advertising.

It's available in English and German and can be viewed both using metric and imperial units.
Screen Size Online Calculator is available in English and German

In which cases can you use this screen size calculator? and how to calculate screen size in each case?

Here are several cases where you will find an online screen size calculator most useful for you.

First case: your clients most likely understand diagonal size better

Outdoor movie event professionals measure inflatable screen size by the projection screen surface width and height pair: a 20' screen, a 16' x 9' screen. But since early 2000s, your customers might be more accustomed to measuring the projection screen size diagonal as if it were a computer display or TV screen.

This is where the screen size calculator comes in handy, as follows:

  1. Just input width.
  2. Pick aspect ratio (typically 16:9).
  3. And you'll have height and diagonal.

Second case: if you need a permanent projection screen mounted on a wall

Imagine there is a wall 35' wide and 20' high and you want to consider different screen size options. Let's say you want to cover the entire wall with a projection screen surface but still maintain a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. In this case, you can do the following:

  1. You should input the width of the wall into the calculator.
  2. And you'll get the following screen dimensions: 35' x 19.7'.

Third case: determining projected image size on a screen the size of which is known

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have to project an image on a white wall or non-standard-sized projection screen. Using an online screen size calculator, you'll be able to determine the actual projected image size (16:9) on the white wall (30' x 40') by completing these steps:

  1. Let's input width into the online calculator.
  2. Pick aspect ratio.
  3. And we will find out that our projected image size will be 40' x 22.5'.


There are lots of real-life situations where you'll find an online screen size calculator extremely useful. This is why it's bookmarked in our browsers and we recommend you do the same.


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