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How much noise does a sound dampening blower box reduce?

A sound dampening blower box was created by Open Air Cinema to reduce the noise of your air blower.

different sizes of the sound dampening box for inflatables blowers

It is designed to lower the noise during outdoor movie screenings. Such noise results from an air blower that maintains constant pressure in an inflatable screen.

a noise dampening box with an air blower inside

Which industries can use the Open Air Cinema sound dampening blower box?

Over the years, the sound dampening blower box gained in popularity both among businesses -- like outdoor movie event managers, film festival organizers -- and all kinds of movie-under-the-starts enthusiasts that use inflatable structures:

  • Bouncing castles.
  • Advertising inflatable structures or even.
  • Inflatable emergency hospitals.

There are three sizes of sound dampening blower boxes by Open Air Cinema: small, medium and large. All are specifically designed for XPOWER and B-AIR® air blowers, ranging from 1/4 HP to 2 HP air blowers.

The open air cinema sound dampening blower box - an above view

How much noise does it reduce?

Open Air Cinema tests prove that sound dampening blower boxes can reduce the air blower noise by 20-30%.

Why such a percentage range?

Air blower noise depends on a number of variables:

  • The air blower power.
  • The surface on which an air blower operates (grass, wooden floor, concrete surface).
  • The surrounding objects and their noise resonance.
  • The ability of a muffler to dampen the noise depends on the operational phase: the noise will be louder during the inflation phase and will be less heard during the constant pressure phase.

While 20% of noise reduction may sound insignificant, it actually changes the tone of the air blower noise, pitching it down to lower frequencies and making it more pleasant to your audience's ear.

When your movie night show takes place outdoors and the portable audio system is on, your audience won't notice the air blower noise. The noise becomes more of an issue if the show is taking place indoors.

In such a case, the use of a muffler is highly recommended. Besides noise reduction, Open Air Cinema sound dampening blower box helps protect the air blower from the elements and makes it safer to use.

In this video Open Air Cinema shows the dampening effect of the muffler.


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